Milestones and Highlights at Pinhey’s Point (opens May 8)
Built in the early 19th Century and occupied by the Pinhey family until the early 1970s, Horaceville has welcomed visitors as a unique heritage site for nearly 30 years. That achievement has been the result of the co-operative efforts of a number of dedicated individuals, organizations, and municipal and provincial bodies. This display, prepared by the Pinhey’s Point Foundation to mark its 30th anniversary, looks back over the collective achievements and is dedicated to all who have played a role in the development of the site.

A colour photo of a timeline panel in English in the Pinhey's Point Foundation's "Milestones and Highlights at Pinhey's Point" exhibit (PPF Collections)
A timeline panel in the Pinhey’s Point Foundation’s exhibit “Milestones and Highlights at Pinhey’s Point” (PPF Collections)

Remedies, Elixirs and Medical Men (opens May 8)

Drawing on documentation and objects of the Pinhey family and their circle, this exhibit examines health care in old March Township. To prepare for life on the frontier Hamnett brought with him from England a ship apothecary kit and a number of medical books. His diaries give an indication of some whom he treated, even of medicines he used for his own family and recommended to others.

A colour photo of a travelling apothecary kit brought from England by Hamnett Pinhey in 1821. It is a mahogany case enclosing a mortar and pestle, graduated beaker, a set of scales for preparing medicines, and stoppered jars of blown glass (PPF Collection, Gift of the Estate of Ann Schneider))
Hamnett Pinhey brought from England in 1821 this travelling apothecary kit. The mahogany case encloses a mortar and pestle, graduated beaker, a set of scales for preparing medicines, and stoppered jars of blown glass. (PPF Collections, Gift of the Estate of Ann Schneider)

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