Index to Accounts in Hamnett Pinhey’s Diaries, 1821–1857

Hamnett Pinhey kept diaries from 1821, the year following his arrival in Canada, until shortly before his death in 1857. The daily entries are very brief, but note fairly consistently the weather, expenditures, monies received, construction activity at Horaceville, letters received or sent, the hiring of new employees, and the farm and other work done by employees. Visits, arrivals in the township, birthdays, public meetings, and other assorted details turn up sporadically.

At the end of each book is a section of accounts, recording Pinhey’s dealings with several hundred individuals, mostly residents of March, Huntley, Torbolton, Nepean, and Bytown, as well as Hull and Eardley across the Ottawa River. The entries include Pinhey’s accounts with his labourers and servants, and sales and purchases of various commodities on credit. The accounts with the employees record the wages paid them and the various deductions made for advances of necessaries, loans, and days absent because of illness or insobriety.

The following index to the accounts, which will be of interest to local historians and genealogists, is arranged alphabetically by the name of the individual, recorded as stated in the original record, followed by the page references where each individual’s account may be located. The four diaries are indicated by a letter A to D. The locations of the diaries are as follows:

A. Pinhey diary 1821–1828 — Accounts at end of book
Library and Archives Canada, MG 24, I 14, file 6

B. Pinhey diary 1829–1840 — Accounts at end of book
Archives of Ontario, F 144, MS 199, reel 3
Copy at Library and Archives Canada, reel M-5567

C. Pinhey diary 1840–1846 — Accounts at end of book
Library and Archives Canada, MG 28, III 46, Vol. 36 (Hill & Hill)

D. Pinhey diary 1847–1857 — Accounts at end of book
Library and Archives Canada, MG 28, III 46, Vol. 36 (Hill & Hill)

A little memoranda book covers the year 1820 but it contains no detailed accounts: Library and Archives Canada, MG 24, I 9, Vol. 10, pp. 3101–74 (Hill Collection). Together these five volumes cover Pinhey’s entire residence in Canada from shortly after his arrival to just before his death.

It is unfortunate that Pinhey referred to some of his employees only by Christian name or nickname. Sometimes it is possible to discover who is meant (for example, Joe Sligo’s account is referred onward to that of Joseph Davis, who was a native of Co. Sligo, Ireland), but more often their identities remain a mystery. Unidentified people are listed at the beginning of the index.

Many names appear in the diary sections of the books, but no attempt has been made to index these. Those interested in Pinhey’s employees may, however, locate the dates of their accounts by checking the references listed below, and then turn to the relevant time period in the diaries to discover what information was recorded about them there. Omission of surnames in the diaries is even more common than in the accounts, so cross-checking between the two sections of the books is in any case essential.

Diaries A and B were indexed by Bruce Elliott. Diary C was indexed by Bruce Elliott and alphabetized by Jennifer Mori, a summer student employed by the Pinhey’s Point Foundation some years ago. Jennifer also indexed Diary D. She later went on to studies at Oxford University.

To view the index choose from the following categories or search the whole list using Ctrl-F or Command-F:

Farm accounts | Construction accounts | Miscellaneous | Institutions | Individuals with no surname mentioned | Individuals with surname

Farm accounts

Home Consumption from Store & for labourers: 1821 A99; 1822 A100

House Consumption: 1822 A93, 94; 1823 A64

The Farm: 1827 A195, 194; 1828 A189–190, 193

Cash received for Farm account from March 1837 and expenditure: B106

Crops: 1824; 1826 A56, 59

Disbursement for Crops: 1829 B16–17, 28; 1830 B32, 34, 42; 1831 B58–59, 67

Mill Toll: 1824–1827 A56–58

Chopping: 1828 A189

Expenditure & Receipts, House and Farm: 1836 B104–5

Construction accounts

New Stone Room: 1823 A65, 90, 93

Saw Mill: A91

Sawmill construction: microfilm pp. A90–95

Millwright: microfilm pp. A90–96

Church: A130–9, 157–8, 185–6

Joe’s House: A92

New Lime Kiln: A92

New House, Lake Road: A92

Hen House: 1824 A92

New Hen House: 1825 A105

Fence to Poultry: 1825 A105

New Stables: 1827 A193

Granary and Malt Kiln: 1827 A193

Batteau: A96

Lime: A96

Disbursements for building improvements, Garden, Logging and Mill Dam:1829 B18–19, 22–23, 29; 1830 B29, 33, 35, 43, 46–47, 49; 1831 B49, 48, 56–57, 63, 66

Expended on church yard wall and on Marsh Road: D78


Flour Mill: 1829 B12

Model School: C62; D15

Montreal Bank: C74

Montreal Bank and its Branch at Bytown: D11 and insert, 37, 43, 51, 64, 68, 74, 75, 83, 85, 90

Montreal Bank and its Branch at Toronto: D11

Steamboat: B81

Upper Canada Bank: B116; C4, 24, 44, 52, 70


Blacksmith, Work done by: A94 (gives names of customers)

Cash received ex store: A98

Miscellaneous: A140, 171

HKP & Nawley accepted by Egan: D48

Road money: D9

Copy of account of money received and expended in George Morgan’s office: D9 insert

Millwrights: D71

Saph’s estate [sister-in-law Lucy Tasker in England] reversion to Pinhey’s children Horace, Constance, Mary Ann and Charles D60, 60i, 60ii

List of names by township, with amounts: B132

Individuals with no surname mentioned

Canadian: A184

The Canadian Woman: A22

The Canadian Woman & her husband: A23

Andrew the Swede: A12–13, 71; B21, 75

Angus the Scotch Canadian: B41

Baptiste see Lacoste

David the Swede: A18

George the Painter: D25

George the Millwright: B119

Hans: A144

James, labourer: A117

Jean, New Canadian: A120

John the Millwright: B27, 45, 61, 85

Jose, Canadian: A196–7

Kitty the Servant: C19, 21, 33

Louis: C11

Louise: C1

Margaret: B1

Mary the Great called Ann: A180

Mary the little: A180

Matthew the Carpenter: D2

Michael: B82

Pat and William: B75

Rebecca: A180

Samuel: C48

Sarah: B25, 40

Tipperary: A149

William the carpenter: A11

Yankee Pat: B126

Individuals with surname

Acres Thomas, carpenter: A14, 179, 201; B15, 51, 76; D16 and insert D48

Alcock Capt.: C35

Aldrich Henry: A28–29; B120

Alexander Thomas of Huntley: D70

Allen James: D33, 39, 41

Allen Mary: B81, 86

Allen Thomas: B41, 60, 71, 79, 84

Anderson, Auldjo, Evans and Co. (also Anderson Auldjo and Co., and Anderson, Evans and Co.) Montreal: D1 and insert, 21, 35, 47, 51

Anderson Elizabeth: A180

Ansley Mr: A154

Argue Andrew: A182, 200; B4, 50

Argue Old, Huntley: B131

Armitage see Sheehy

Armitage James: D10

Armstrong: A143

Armstrong Catherine: A166

Armstrong James: A182, 198, 203

Armstrong John of March: D20

Bagley John, carpenter: A149

Bailey Mary: D41

Barton Jane: B71

Baskin Frederick: C32, 55; D48

Baskin James: C73; D10

Baskin John: C32, 44, 55, 61, 73; D3, 45, 48

Baskin Tom: C61, 73; D4

Beatty Daniel: A8, 12; B89, 97; C8

Bell James: B102

Bell Samuel, mason: D12

Bell William: B81

Berry Gottfried: C49

Berry Richard: D6, 16

Bertridge: D8, 10

Bishop see Nesbitt

Blanchard Abijah: D29

Bolan: D8

Boucher John: D41

Boucher Wm: D70

Bradley Capt.: B70

Bradley William B: D17 and insert

Bradley William Brown Junr: B101

Bradley Sands: B27

Brady and Gorman, sawyers: A1, 24

Brady Michael: A26

Brennen Bridget: B131

Brennen John: D59

Brennen Mary: B131

Brennen Nicholas: B131

Brennen Richard: D6

Bridges Mrs: D4

Brown Alexander of Torbolton: D22, 26, 49

Brown John: B61, 71, 76, 79

Brown Thomas: B115, 122; C8

Buckham: B52

Buckham John: C51; D17

Bullard see Post

Burke Dominick: A7; B5, 20

Burke John: B81

Burke Kitty: A143

Burke Michael: D17

Burrows Eliza: D32

Camp Robson: C1

Camp William: A149, 170

Campbell of Huntley: A81

Caplis John the farmer: A168, 177–8; his wife: A169

Carroll Patrick: C68; D18

Caroll William: C6, 10, 14, 22, 39, 46, 54, 67, 72; D2 and insert

Carson, mason: D12

Cassidy Catherine: C59; D2; see Gorman

Cassidy Tom: C69; see Gorman

Caulfield: B45

Cavanah Eliza: B99, 103

Cherry B of March: B102

Christie Dr: A143

Clausie the carpenter: A6

Cochlan Andrew: B97; C61

Cochran Andrew: A165, 175, 184

Coil Michael: A142, 145, 150, 155, 162, 165

Collins the carpenter: D59

Collins Thomas, mason: A118

Collins, young, mason: A118

Conolly Sarah: C59

Conroy of Aylmer: D4

Corbet Jeannet: D20 and insert

Coulton: B45

Coutourier Jn Bte: A41–43, 48-49, 55–58, 66; and wife: A67; 68–71; and family: A103, 115, 122

Cox Capt.: A15

Cox Mary: C8

Cummins Widow, laundress: A123, 145, 147, 151, 164

Cunningham John: D70, 79

Darcy, stonecutter: C31

Dashnoe, shoemaker: D12

Davidson John: C2

Davis Joseph (see also Sligo): B50, 60, 71, 75

Dawson and Co.: A9

Day Bridget: C59

Day and McGillivray: A113

Dogharty Joseph: C32

Douglas Capt.: C51

Douglas of March: D8

Dowlan: C7

Dowlan Mat: B126

Downs the quarryman: D59

Doyle Owen: A4

Draper John: B7

Drummond John: C63; D19 & inserts

Duclos: C11

Duncan: B64

Durrough William: C61

Eadie: A12

Eagan: B110

Edge: B7

Edge George Old: B110, 114

Edge and wife: A88

Edge Mrs: A87; B30, 65, 80, 102

Edge Phil: C1

Edwards Henry: A9; B64, 110; C11, 17; D8

Egan John and Co. of Aylmer: C41

Egan John of Torbolton: C48; D16

Egan Mich: C18, 48

Egan Young: C60

Erskine William: B70

Estcourt the mason: D84

Evoy Mat: C23

Fahy: B82, 120

Fahy Thomas: D79

Fahy William: D39, 47, 48, 79

Felice Con: C31

Fin James: D77

Finissi Mary (“call her Sarah”): B82, 89

Fitzgerald John: D79

Fogerty James: B60, 61; plasterer: C41, 35; D29

Forsyth Richardson and Co.: A25, 36, 50, 78, 107, 127, 160–1, 188, 202; B8–9, 31, 44, 53, 68–69, 72–74, 78, 83, 87–88, 90–91, 100, 118, 128; C3, 34, 44, 58 and insert

Fuller John: C21, 49; D16, 39

Fuller Mrs: D54

Gaisford: C53

Gainsford and wife: A5, 149

Gainsford, blacksmith: A173

Gainsford John and Joseph: D48

Gainsford Wm: D9

Gannon Mic: C18

Gavan: C53

Glen Robert: C2, 45, 53; D4

Gliesen Michel: C33

Gorman see Brady

Gorman Alice: C21, 33, 41, 50, 59

Gorman Catherine: C41, 50; see Cassidy

Gorman Patrick: A80; and wife: A84-87, 102, 110, 116, 121, 124–5, 141

Gottineaux the two: B82

Gourlay John: C66; D19 and inserts

Graham James & William: C68; D18 insert

Graham John: D18

Grant Capt. of steamboat “Union”: A109

Green: B110

Greene Robert: C33, 57

Grierson John Jr: C41

Griffin James: C7, 9, 12, 15, 19, 28, 45; D54

Griffin Mrs.: D33

Hackett William the millwright: D34

Harkness Joseph: A120

Harper Alexander and William: D48

Harrington Joseph and wife: A2

Headley John: A18, 147

Hedley John of Torbolton: D48

Hedley Old: B30, 85

Hedley John Junr: B80

Henderson John & Abraham, masons: D23, 25

Hickey John: B86

Hicks Old (John), carpenter: B85

Hickson Robert: B131; C57

Hill Hamnett: B131; C5, 25, 56; D7

Hobbs Robert: D48, 59

Hodgins Mary: B62

Hogan Jeremiah: C61

Hogan Pat: C21

Holland Alice: D82

Holt: A10

Hume: microfilm p. A218; B52

Hunt and Wilson labourers provisions: A39

Hurricane: B120

Hurricane Mrs: C60

Ibbetson: A143

Inglee/Inglis James: B93, 99

Inglis: B89

Inglish Capt. at Aylmer: C51

Jacob J.: C60

Jameson: B27

Jolifot (Canadian): C31, 45

Jones, shoemaker: A164

Joscente (Canadian): C11, 31

Judd: A143

Kealey Martin: D79

Kelly John: D39

Kemp John: B81; D20

Kemp Wm see Camp

Kennedy Patrick: D70

Kidder: A5

Kidder: Junr B27

Kilgore Alex: C17, 32

Killeen Dennis: B81; C63; D17

Killeen Ellen: B99

LaCoste Baptiste, carpenter: A21, 30, 37; see also Valin

Laing Mother: A159, 180

Landall Mr: A15

Lang George and Robert: B114; C13

Latham Nathaniel: D32

Latulipe: C72

Lay Richard, carpenter: C20, 26, 29, 30, 37, 40, 42, 43, 47, 49, 55; D8, 10, 22, 25, 26, 33, 34, 40 and insert, 49 and insert, 54, 59, 61, 62, 69, 71 and insert, 81, 91

LeBreton Capt.: A8

Leeming Mr: B52

Lermonth James: C17, 55

Lewis Abbott: B115

Lewis the blacksmith: B52; C57; D18

Lewis John: B102

Lindsay Rory, stonecutter: C31

Link the carpenter: A23

Link and Shouldice: A6

Lion Patrick: C7

Lloyd General (in affairs of James Read and Luton) C71; D30 and inserts (2)

Lloyd Colonel: A7, 183; B6, 37, 76; general bill C11; sawing acct A191–2, microfilm pp. A220–1; B10-11, 38–39

Logan: B52

Logan Biddy: B49, 61

Logan Catherine: C59; D12

Long Sam: A198, 203

Lucas William: B81

Lusk of Eardley: A152

Macdonell John of Point Fortune: A109

Macfee, reaper: A117

MacNab: B110

Mahon John: C32

Majors, the three: B86

Major Catharine: B103, 120; C18

Major George: C18, 21, 31, 45, 48

Major Matthew: B93, 108, 125, 130; C2

Major Maurice: B93, 103, 120, 125; C2

Major Mick: C73; D27

Major Oliver: B125; C2

Major Pat: B86, 93, 115, 125; C2

Major Rose: B89, 99

Major William: B82, 86

Maldoon Ann: D54, 62

Maldoon James: D47

Maley Anthony: C8

Maley Richard: C18

Martin: C7

Mathews Henry, carpenter: D22

McCabe James: A142, 149, 152

McCaffray the painter: B120

McCallum Duncan: A3

McCartney Sarah: D12

McCord see Somerville

McCord Eliza: A144, 162, 166, 201; B1, 25, 40, 62, 71, 77, 85, 115, 124; C41

McCord James: A152, 170, 174, 187, microfilm p. 217; B2, 24, 36

McCord Mary: A162

McCord Old Thomas: C65

McCord William: A170; B20; D70

McCulloch, quarryman: A117

McDonald: A109

McDonald Patrick (Christie’s mason): C17, 32, 35, 45; D25, 27, 33, 34, 40

McFadden (also Padden, McPhadden) Ann: D61, 71

McFarlane Mr: B5

McFee James and Eliza: D26

McGibney, stonecutter: D59

McGillivray see Day

McGillivray Angus of Fitzroy: C51, 73

McGrath Maurice: B122

McKay Thomas of New Edinburgh: D9

McKinnon Daniel of Bytown: B55, 62

McLachlin D. and W.: C36

McLead Donald: D78 folio

McLechlin Brothers: B108

McLelland Joseph: B93, 102

McLellen see McMullen

McMullen (also McLellen) George: D45, 52 and insert, 58, 63 and insert, 67 and insert, 77

McMurtry: B5

McMurtry James: B45, 120

McMurtry John: B45

McPhadden see McFadden

McVeigh Peter: A198, 200, 201; B4, 26, 50; C64

McVeigh Peter Cuthbert: D17 and insert

Merrifield Mr: A2, 3, 144; B5

Milfore Jane: B89

Milks Mr: A11

Millar William: A182, 200, 203; B1

Miller Joseph: A19, 38; & wife: A46–47, 59–60, 76

Moffat of Huntley, carpenter: B126

Monk Capt.: A4, 26, 146, 154, 182; B6, 37, 54, 70, 77, 113; C23, 48; D5, 13, 73; sawmilling acct. B94-95

Monk Wentworth: B111

Mooney the cooper: A8

Mooney John: B120

Mooney William: D70

Moore Dudley and Son: A18

Moore Job and David: A113

Moore Fritz: A12

Moore Roger: C23; D10

Moran Pat: D48

Morin (Canadian): C11

Morris Robert of Montreal: A40, 54, 106, 111, 129, 153

?Morison Dan (in German): A101, 112

Munro Alexander: C67; D16

Munro the mason: C17

Murdoch the weaver: C46

Murphy Ann: C8

Nags Joseph: A7

Nash James: C68; D18

Nash Martin: D20

Nauberg (Canadian): C1; see Norberg

Naughty Thomas, carpenter: B61, 126

Needham Catherine: D12

Needham Martin: D22, 27, 28, 32

Nesbitt and Bishop: D48

Norberg (the Canadian): D27; see Nauberg

O’Brien: B110

O’Brien John: A184

O’Hara: D20

O’Neil: C46, 60

O’Neil John of Torbolton: D48, 70

O’Neil Young: C46

Padden see McFadden

Padfield: B85

Parent, Canadian carpenter: C35

Payne Lukewad: D61

Payne Wm (alias St Andrews): D8, 16

Peevor James: D48

Philbin James alias Thistleman: C18

Pillau (Canadian): C1

Pillau Harriette: C1

Pinhey Horace: D24, 31, 36, 38, 42, 44, 46, 50, 53 and insert, 57, 65, 66, 72, 76, 80 and insert

Porver James: D41

Post and Bullard, millwrights: A171, 175, microfilm p. 96

Quin Mich: D22

Ray/Rea John: B20, 81; D48, 70

Read George: A15, 16; B5

Read Capt. James: C38

Read James (Genl. Lloyd in affairs of): C71; D30 and inserts (2)

Read Thomas: A16; B3, 62, 77, 96, 112; C5, 8, 38; D5, 41

Reay John and Young, Michael: D48; see Ray

Richardson Frederick: D48

Riddle Henry, sawmill acct: A77

Riddle Thos: D17

Roberts, butcher: C41; D20

Rochester, brewer: D6

Rock Michael: C48

Rock Mick: D16

Rogers, mason: A199; plasterer: B3, 14

Rolston: D6

Ross the mason: C17

Rutledge Eliza: B115, 124

Ryan, mason – his boys: C32

Ryan James, mason: D12

Ryder John: D84

Salmon Robert: D6

Scissons: C69

Scissons Samuel: D20

Seeman Mary: A8

Shea: C53

Sheehy alias Armitage alias Taylor: C60

Shouldice see Link

Shouldice: A13, 75; B25, 41

Shouldice Leonard: B64

Shouldice Leonard of McGillivray: D20

Shouldice (Truckle) of March: B85, 97

Slack Henry: B130; C65

Slack Tin: B130

Slack Walton: B5, 86; D12, 61

Slack William: B86

Sligo Joseph: B41; see also Davis

Smith: B52

Smith J. (Capt. Monk’s tenant): C60; D14

Smith at Eardley: B86

Smiths, the: B76

Smith the sawyer: A80

Somerville: A149, 166, 175, 176

Somerville the sawyer: A166

Somerville and Cord sawing acct: A170

Somerville Anthony: B20, 89

Sproule Henry: D78 folio

Stanley Thomas: D19

Star George: C67; D18 and insert

Stephens Capt.: A15; B21, 54

Stephens Mrs: C25

Stitt Jackson: D6

Stokoe: B21

Stokoe Charles: B98

Street Capt.: A10; B5, 65, 93

Street Benjamin: B113; C9, 25

Street John: D14

Sullivan John: C6, 12, 16, 27, 28, 6–XXXXXXX

Sullivan Mary (the Wee Girl): D84

Symmes Charles: B39, C35

Tasker William: (B133)

Taylor: C53

Taylor see Sheehy

Taylor Jeremiah: D10

Taylor John, labourer: A181–2; C69

Teague Michael: C63

Teevan Barney: D20

Thomas [Richard] the mason: A7, 79, 89, 108, 119, 126, 166

Tracy (Stracy) William, carpenter: A104, 128, 148, 156, 171, 181; C18

Truckle: A144; see Shouldice

Valin Jean: A20; and wife: A31, 32, 34–5, 44-5, 52–3, 61, 73, 82, 114;

Baptise and Valin’s provision acct: A28, 33, 39

Villeneuve: C33

Villeneuve Charles: B99

Watt John: B84, 92, 108–9, @114, 127

Watt William: B61, 71, 79, 80, 84, 92, 103, 109, 127

Weatherley Capt.: A27, 176

Weatherley’s farmer (John Draper): B7

Welches, the two: D12

Welsh James: C60

Whelen Paddy: B70, 82, 107, 117, 123, 128, 129; C18, 33

Whelen Tom: B123; D6

Wiggins Sapora: C1

Wilson see Hunt

Wilson, haymaker: A117

Wilson Fanny: B81

Wilson John of Torbolton: D19

Wilton, washing: A199

Woods Ringrose: B86

Woodward, millwright: B114(2), 121

Woolsey Joseph: C61

Woolsey William: C51

Wright Philemon and Sons: A17, 51, 74

Young George of Torbolton: B99

Young Michael and Reay, John: D48