Horace Pinhey’s Diary 1856–1865

The Pinhey’s Point Foundation was fortunate to purchase back from the commercial market a daily journal kept at Horaceville by the Hon. Hamnett Pinhey’s son and heir, Horace Pinhey. This journal or diary covers the period from 1856 to 1865. It is a marvellous historical account of the roles and activities of a farming family and its employees in mid 19th century March Township. You can toggle between transcriptions of the diary and accounts and scans of the actual pages. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Link to the diary HERE

Note that the keyword Search facility for Horace’s diary is not currently available. You can, however, search the diary by going to Google, typing your keyword, followed by a space and site:pinheyspoint.ca/horace_diary. Then open the page and use Control-F (or Command-F) to find the keyword.

Click here for a name index to the accounts included in Horace’s diary.

Black-and-white Topley Studio photo portrait (#18604) of elderly bearded Horace Pinhey in 1874, the year before his death, LAC collection
Horace Pinhey, eldest son of Hamnett Pinhey, for whom the “Horaceville” estate was named, 1874 (LAC Topley #18604)