March Township

The Pinhey’s Point Foundation also has in its collections objects and archival material associated with the history of the former Township of March and City of Kanata and its residents, including Pinhey’s gentry neighbours.

The Foundation’s annual journal the Horaceville Herald was a joint newsletter with the former March Historical Society and continues to publish historical articles about March families and the wider community.

A 1913 black-and-white photo of the steamboat G.B. Greene pasted into an album belonging to May (Monk) Berry. (PPF Collections, Gift of Bill Berry?)
The steamboat “G.B. Greene” coming in to the March wharf, also known as the Berry wharf, 1913. This photo was in May (Monk) Berry’s album. March residents used the steamer (which was also a tourist excursion boat) to travel to Aylmer and then took a street car into Ottawa. The Berrys were riverfront residents, originally from England, who ran a brewery on their March property starting in the 1850s. Hamnett and Horace Pinhey recorded purchases from the brewery in their accounts. (PPF Collections, Gift of Bill Berry)