Whose Astrolabe? Origin and Cultural Ownership of a Canadian Icon

Our exhibit features a hitherto unseen manuscript account of the discovery of the ‘Champlain’ astrolabe, and an exploration of its contested status as a cultural symbol.

Pinhey’s Point Historic Site, May 12–August 31

Carleton University Department of History, September–October

A photo of the Champlain monument, Nepean Point, Ottawa (B.E.)
Champlain monument, Nepean Point, Ottawa (B.E.)

William Henry Bartlett’s Ottawa River (opens May 12)

W.H. Bartlett was a British artist who toured North America in 1838 preparing sepia sketches as the basis for folio volumes of engraved views for sale to the home market.  He viewed the Canadian wilderness through eyes educated in the British picturesque aesthetic. Nonetheless Bartlett’s engravings are probably the best known views of nineteenth-century Canada. Discover what the Pinheys had to say about his view of Horaceville.

The Champlain and Bartlett exhibits complement RIVERFEST, Pinhey’s Point Historic Site’s annual keynote event celebrating the Ottawa River, August 12, and are our contribution to the year-long Champlain 2013 events marking the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s first ascent of the Ottawa in 1613.

A black-and-white image of artist William Henry Bartlett's "March, on Lake Chaudière", with March Post Office at left and St. Mary's Church and Horaceville in background, c. 1840 (PPF Collections)
William Henry Bartlett’s “March, on Lake Chaudière”, with March Post Office at left and St. Mary’s Church and Horaceville in background, c. 1840 (PPF Collections)

What in the World Is It? (opens May 12)

Challenge yourself to identify these “mystery” objects from the Foundation’s collections.  What are they and how were they used on the Pinhey estate?

Children’s Classics from the Pinhey Family Library (opens May 12)

Our changing annual selection of books from the extensive Pinhey family library.

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